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Victor Pestoff
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Last updated: 12/11/2019
Victor Pestoff
Individual Researcher
Professional Information
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Professor emeritus of political science, Ersta Sköndal Bräcke Univ. College, Stockholm, Sweden.

  Dr. Pestoff examined the relations between party systems and voluntary organizations in the Nordic countries in his PhD. Later he explored the political and democratic aspects of voluntary organizations cooperatives in the social economy.
Personal Information

Victor A. Pestoff earned his B.A. in political science from California State University at Long Beach; and defended his Ph.D. in political science at Stockholm University in 1977. He taught for nearly 20 years at Stockholm University, became docent at Helsinki University in 1985 and was a Research Fellow at the Faculty of Economics in Kanazawa, Japan in 1998. He became full professor in political science at Södertörns högskola in 1999 and was appointed Professor of Political Science at Mid-Sweden University in Östersund in 2002. He became Professor Emeritus in 2008 and is now part-time Professor at the Institute for Civil Society Studies, Ersta Sköndal University College in Stockholm, Sweden. He is currently undertaking a comparative project on cooperative health and eldercare in Japan, together with Prof. Yayoi Saito, Osaka University and several other Japanese colleagues. He is also a founding member of the EMES Research Network on Social Enterprise.

Dr. Pestoff began his academic career by examining the relations between party systems, popular movements and voluntary organizations in three Nordic countries with his Ph.D. in 1977. For 35 years thereafter he explored the political and democratic aspects of voluntary organizations, cooperatives, third sector organizations and the social economy. He has published reports and articles on Swedish consumer organizations and consumer influence; many articles and two books on Swedish cooperative movements; articles and reports on Swedish business interests organizations; articles on the negotiated economy in Scandinavia, several articles and a book on the transformation of the public sector in Central and Eastern Europe, two books on the third sector and welfare state and two edited volumes on the co-production of public services. His latest books, A Democratic Architecture for the Welfare State (2008) and New Public Governance, the Third Sector and Co-Production (2012) appeared with Routledge. Many of his articles and books are translated to other languages.

Selected Publications:

1977: Voluntary Associations and Nordic Party Systems. A Study of Multiple Membership and Cross-Pressures in Finland, Norway and Sweden; Stockholm: Studies in Politics; ISBN: 978-91-628-7820-7.

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1991: Between Markets and Politics: Co-operatives in Sweden; Frankfurt & Bolder: Campus Verlag & Westview Press; ISBN: 3-593-34400-9/0-8133-8294-7 + 4-7710-0892-2.

1993: HIV/AIDS Directory – Organizations and Activities/ Handbok – Organisationer och aktiviteter; Stockholm: Dept. of Business Administration & Folkhälsoinstitutet (together with Dagmar v. Walden Laing); ISBN: 91-88564-01-0.

1995: (ed.) Reforming Social Services in Central and Eastern Europe – An Eleven Nation Overview; Krakow: Cracow Academy of Economics; ISBN: 83-903900-0-0.

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2012 Co-Production and Third Sector Social Services in Europe – Some Crucial conceptual issues, Ch. 2 & New Public Governance, Co-Production and Third Sector Services in Europe – Crowding in and crowding out, Ch. 19 in New Public Governance, Co-Production and Third Sector Services; Pestoff, V., T. Brandsen & B. Verscheure (eds.); London & New York: Routledge. ISBN: 978-0-415-89713-6 (hbk), 978-0-203-15229-4 (ebk).

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2014 Social Enterprise and the Third Sector. Changing European Landscapes in a Comparative Perspective; J. Defourny, L. Hulgård & V. Pestoff (eds); London & New York: Routledge.

2014 Enriching Work Environment in the Welfare Service Sector: the Case of Social Enterprises in Swedish Childcare (with J. Vamstad); Annals of Public and Co-operative Economics, 85/3: 353-370.

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